Charcuterie & Cheese Pairings

May 02, 2017

This year for Farm Shop & Deli Show we have teamed up with Richard Paul from Bradburys, for a demo on the Live stage with Colin discussing British charcuterie and regional cheese pairings. For those of you that missed us, take a look at our tasting notes below.


Woodall’s Cumbrian Air Dried Ham & Gorwydd Slow Aged Caerphilly

Our Cumbrian Ham is traditionally hand cured using an old Woodall family recipe. The hams are matured for a minimum of 6 months to create a prosciutto style ham with a delicate sweet flavour. This was the first prosciutto style ham to be produced commercially in the UK.

Gorwydd is beautiful in appearance and tends to have a greater length, depth and complexity of flavour than other Caerphillys. Smooth and buttery near the rind with a crumbly centre and hints of lemon. An example of a perfect Gorwydd would be a cheese with a clean taste, a good breakdown and a long flavour. Eat with the rind for full effect.

Woodall’s Royale Air Dried Ham & Aged Beltons Double Gloucester

After the initial salting stage our Royale Ham is marinated for 8 days in a liquid pickle of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Ale, molasses, malt vinegar and brown sugar. It is then hung for a further 7 days to dry and then cold smoked over oak for 5 hours before being air dried for at least 6 months. A wonderfully complex, rich, sweet flavour with a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

A traditional handmade cheese, smooth and buttery in texture with a clean mellow flavour, made from the milk of Old Gloucester cattle. The cheese has a delightful apricot colouring due to the addition of annatto plant extract.

Woodall’s Smoked Pancetta & Yorkshire Fettle

Our Smoked Pancetta is produced from pork bellies which have been selected for an even distribution of fat to lean. We cure the bellies on the bone to keep their shape and enhance the flavour. The bellies are hand salted and allowed to cure for 7 days, they are then hung for a couple of days before being smoked over oak chips for 5 hours. Finally the product is air dried for a further 5 weeks.

A ewe’s milk Mediterranean style salad cheese with true Yorkshire character. It is handmade with a distinctive lightly salted taste, matured to allow the salt to infuse into the whole cheese. The texture is slightly crumbly with a sweet piquant flavour.

Woodall’s Cumberland Salami & Applebys Cheshire

Our Cumberland Salami originates from the Cumberland Sausage recipe which the Woodall family has used for 8 generations. The salami is air dried for 6 weeks to create a ready to eat product with a unique, deep, rich flavour. A completely different taste experience to continental salamis and chorizos.

A traditional Cheshire with a wonderful pale orange colour, moist and crumbly in texture. Clean and zesty on the palate, with a savoury richness to follow. The cheese has a long-lasting, mouth-watering finish.

Woodall’s Spicy Cumberland Salami & Red Fox

Recognising Britain’s fondness for spice, we have taken our original Cumberland Salami and added a blend of paprika. A delicate heat to appeal to modern Britain’s palate.

A Red Leicester style cheese with a ‘crunch’ from the naturally occurring calcium lactate crystals which form as the cheese matures. Red Fox has a mellow, flaky, open texture. It has all the maple, toffee and bourbon flavour and aroma of a well-aged Gouda, with both sweetness and the sharpness and tang of a medium cheddar. It leaves the palate with a lingering flavour, making it incredibly moreish.

Woodall’s Norfolk Mustard Salami & Caledonian Cheddar

Celebrating Britain’s appetite for the mustard spice, this salami combines a little Norfolk Mustard powder and a sprinkle of mustard seeds to produce a salami with a perfectly balanced, well rounded flavour.

An award winning vintage Cheddar, made using high quality milk produced by the finest dairy farms in Dumfries and Galloway. The wild Scottish landscape makes the milk high in protein to give the Cheddar a truly distinctive taste and character. The cheese is strong and creamy with a rich and complex depth of flavour. Made using a 150 year old recipe, the addition of calcium lactate crystals give the cheese a tantalising ‘crunch’.