Northern Restaurant & Bar Show 2017

March 28, 2017

Another great show at Northern Restaurant & Bar in Manchester! This year we teamed up with Sherry expert Nathan Sherwood, who took to the stage with Colin pairing our charcuterie with a selection of sherry wines. If you didn't make it to our masterclass, take a look at our tasting notes and video below.



Woodalls Air-Dried Cumbrian Ham & Valdespino Sherry

This is our original air-dried ham which is traditionally cured for 6 months using the Woodall family recipe to create a ham with a delicate sweet flavour.

Manzanilla Deliciosa is a pale straw coloured sherry with a light yeasty, bready note on the nose. It  is one of the driest, lightest, freshest and most versatile sherries; simple yet subtle. 

Served with the air-dried ham, Valdespino’s Manzanilla really draws out and amplifies the sweet and salty character of the ham. The prosciutto style with its natural richness, pairs perfectly with Manzanilla’s fresh saline character, lifting acidity and warm coastal aromas. The result is a pleasing ‘umami’ richness on the palate.

Woodall’s Black Combe Ham with Fino Inocente, Valdespino

Celebrating Britain’s long tradition of smoking hams our Black Combe is hand rubbed with a spiced dry cure mix, smoked over oak and air-dried for 6 months; this ham finds a perfect balance between being aromatic and distinct but never overpowering

Fino Inocente is a rich straw-yellow coloured sherry. The aromas are delicate but intense and distinctive, usually attributed to its unique barrel fermentation. On the palate it is light and savoury, with subtle herbal and zesty flavours of green olive, apple, sea salt and warm toasty yeast.

Partnering the sweet smoke character of the ham with the fresh yeasty bready aromas and the subtle fruit character of the wine results in a wonderfully moreish, light and elegant balance. A fantastic flavour combination!

Woodall’s Cumberland Salami & Amontillado Tio Diego, Valdespino

Originating from the Cumberland sausage recipe that the Woodall family used for 8 generations, this salami is cured for 6 weeks to create a ready to eat product with a unique, deep, rich flavour.

This Amontillado has an intense amber colour and a nose with aromas of a nutty and roasted sweetness that contrasts beautifully with the savoury dryness of the palate.

Served with a selection of Woodall’s Salamis, including Cumberland, Tio Diego Amontillado has layers of complex nutty, sweet and smoky flavour which partner beautifully with the salty richness of the salamis. 

Woodall’s Royale Ham and Palo Cortado Viejo C.P.

Woodall’s Royale air-dried ham has been pickled in ale and molasses creating a rich, sweetly flavoured ham with a unique, unmistakeable personality.

With an average age of over 25 years, This style is often considered the finest expression of older rare Sherry.  This Palo Cortado displays a luxurious intensity of character with a thrilling and nuanced depth. A very special wine, and a super amplifier of flavour in fine foods!

Served with Woodall's Royale it is a real foodies treat! The ham’s mirrors the exceptional sweet, sharp, dry balance of the wine while the soft smoke permeates and partners the fruity, salty, buttery, caramelised qualities perfectly to mutually draw new intense flavours together while maintaining the delicacy to complement without overwhelming each other subtleties. An experience!