Spicy Cumberland Sausage Sandwich with Crunchy Slaw and Leafy Greens

November 04, 2016

Serves: 3

400g Spicy Cumberland Sausage
3x brioche buns toasted
60g watercress or lambs lettuce
20g red cabbage finely sliced
20g white cabbage finely sliced
1x medium carrot coarsely grated
2x tbsp olive oil
125ml natural yoghurt
1x tbsp mustard



  1. Mix together the red and white cabbage, the carrot, olive oil, natural yoghurt and mustard to make the slaw.
  2. Pan fry, grill or griddle the sausages until crisp and cooked through.
  3. Fill the brioche bun with the lettuce, then the cooked sausages and finally the slaw.